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Coffee Direct has been selling freshly roasted coffee online since 2007, but our roots run far deeper than that with over 25 years experience in importing and roasting coffee from all corners of the world. With an extensive network of gifted buyers, we’re able to bring together what we consider to be the finest collection of high quality coffee beans ready to be freshly roasted to order.

Coffee starts to lose it’s freshness the moment it interacts with the air around it; that’s why we’re strong believers in only roasting to order, and packing our coffees immediately in one-way valve, foil fresh bags. This way, the CO2 in the bags can escape, but air cannot get in. Using this method, our freshly roasted coffee will stay in perfect condition unopened for up to 9 months. Once opened, our coffee should be kept in an airtight container to extend the life of the bean. Coffee beans can also be frozen, providing an even longer means of preserving that freshly roasted taste an aroma.

We currently offer over 30 sumptuous origin coffees, along with our very own secret recipe blends and flavoured coffees. With so many unique and varied flavours to try, we truly believe we offer beans for the perfect brew for every palette. We also offer fabulous gift hampers that make perfect presents for coffee novices and seasoned connoisseurs alike. Along with our extensive coffee range, we also stock over 25 loose-leaf teas; a refreshing break from the usual flavour lacking options at the local supermarket.

Everyone has his or her own preferred brewing method for coffee, and we aim to cater for all requirements by offering a full spectrum of grind options, all the way from whole bean to Turkish grind and everything in between. Simply select your preferred method when adding to the basket and we’ll freshly grind your order before packaging.

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