Making the perfect match with your shoes and accessories

Making the perfect match with your shoes and accessories

shoes and accessoriesMaking the perfect match!

To MATCH or not to MATCH?.. It’s easy to create one’s fashion faux pas. Or is it now a hot new trend to missmatch. So what is the answer to MATCH or not to MATCH? We look to the fashion house’s as a beacon of knowledge and information of all things chic.

Should your shoes match your bag?

Side View Millie ShoeLets try and put this age old problem to bed.


The co-ordination of matching one’s outfit to one’s accessories is an ‘art form’ in itself. Or put more simply “matchy matchy” pretty much sums up the notion of those who have an eye for matching colour and textures of their shoes with their bag. Or anything other dress item for that matter.

The 80’s was a daring era of none fashion conformity, anybody who dared to be so conservative as to co-ordinate their accessories was simply not it, if it’s not multi-coloured then it’s just not the look.

“The next decade launched a dramatic fashion u-turn in  the trend of co-ordinating shoes and accessories”

Not everyone woman agrees on this. To match their shoes, bags and accessories just finishes off an outfit with a sophisticated look. It looks more chic and complete. The full article that makes a statement that is you.

Fashion is fickle and gets away with it because of a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. It’s no surprise that in recent seasons one of the most dramatic fashion u-turns is the trend of co-ordinating ones accessories. Many designers sent their models down the catwalk in fully co-ordinated looks, matching bags, shoes and outfits all corresponding in fabric patterns, colour, or design. For now, this trend is here to stay! Well at least until the fickle followers of fashion change their mind (said with tongue in cheek).

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