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Showcasing nifty ideas on how to look after the environment, while helping the everyday homeowner to keep living costs low is at the heart of our business. At we have an array of eco friendly products and energy saving solutions ranging from 12V solar panels, water butts, composters to foil insulation and LED lighting, plus much more!

For those who love boating, camping and caravanning trips, our 12V solar panels and solar kits provide a simple and convenient way to generate your very own source of free electricity. Supplied with everything you need for hassle free installation, our DIY solar kits supply power to a whole range of appliances found on your boat, motorhome or caravan.

There’s also a superb range of office, home and garden recycling products to help prevent unnecessary waste being sent to landfill. Water butts offer an easy way to collect and store rainwater that you can then use to keep your garden or allotment healthy and hydrated, while our composters transform food waste and other organics into high quality compost for your garden.

We know that being green can sometimes seem like a lot of hassle, but thanks to the intelligent design of our eco friendly products, we make sustainable living simple.

From incorporating a more responsible approach to your home, garden or business and leisurely activities, we can show you how to do your bit for nature with total ease. Our energy saving solutions may be clever but they’re incredibly easy for people to use. From the smallest changes, like switching to energy saving LED lighting to full home insulation, we have all your eco needs sorted.

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